What credit score do I need to get an AmEx?

Answer American Express uses total income and credit report information when looking for new customers. It does not rely only on credit scores or FICO scores for its green, gold, platinum, plum or black c... Read More »

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How long do you need an active credit line to achieve a valid credit score?

On One Hand: Just a Few MonthsIf a borrower opens up a trade line and uses it frequently, it should take him just a few months to create a valid credit score. However, it should be noted that the c... Read More »

Do i need to make charges on my credit each month to raise my credit score?

On One Hand: No ChargesBuilding good credit doesn't need to require any action on your part. What builds good credit scores is using 10 percent or less of the available credit on the card and payin... Read More »

What credit score do I need to buy a car?

A FICO score of over 700 has traditionally been considered optimal for obtaining a car loan. However, changes in the U.S. economy have prompted some lenders to lower their minimum credit score, as ... Read More »

What credit score do you need to buy a motorcycle?

Your credit score will not determine whether or not you can purchase a motorcycle. Your credit score will determine what type of loan you can get from a creditor. The loan you get with poor credit ... Read More »