What courses are recommended to become a teacher?

Answer Getting a degree to be a teacher requires you to take many different courses. Even if you are not majoring in education, you might want to take a few education classes to help you when you get your... Read More »

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ETS-Recommended GRE Preparatory Courses?

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) does not provide course recommendations for those taking the GRE. The GRE is a test typically submitted as part of a graduate school application and administer... Read More »

Recommended Courses for Medical School?

A foundation in the sciences is recommended for medical school. Courses that relate to the study of organisms, matter and chemical changes are all areas that are acceptable. Getting in to medical s... Read More »

What Courses Are Recommended for a Medical Receptionist?

The medical field is quickly growing, as can be seen by the number of trade schools advertising their programs relating to different aspects of the field. Medical receptionists in particular requir... Read More »

Science Courses Recommended for a High School GED?

The GED, or General Equivalency Diploma is given in place of a standard high school diploma after five standardized tests are passed. The GED's five tests include: Language Arts Writing, Language A... Read More »