What county does broccoli originally come from?

Answer Italy

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What part of the plant does broccoli come from?

Answer The broccoli head is actually the collective flower buds of the plant. Each of the tiny green parts of the broccoli head will open into a yellow flower if left uncut. This head rises up from... Read More »

Where do broccoli seeds come from in the broccoli?

The tree shaped things we eat are the flowering part of the plant. The little dark green bits at the top are the undeveloped flower buds. If left on the plant they grow into little yellow flowers t... Read More »

Where does crabgrass originally come from?

Crabgrass originally came from Europe. According to the University of California website, it is now a common weed that grows across the United States. The plant spreads by seed and is found grow... Read More »

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