What does a red flag with a diagonal white stripe mean?

Answer A red flag with a diagonal white stripe, often referred to as the diver down flag, indicates to boaters that SCUBA divers are in the water. This allows boaters to remain a safe distance from the di... Read More »

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Dark green pill white white stripe and more..?

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What flag is a green, white & red flag?

Several flags feature the colors red, white and green. For example, both the Italian and Mexican flag have vertical stripes with these three colors, although the Mexican flag additionally has a cre... Read More »

Why is the Italian flag red, white&green?

The Italian flag, often called Il Tricolore in Italian, features three equal, vertical bands of green, white and red, with green on the hoist side. There are a variety of theories on the meaning o... Read More »

What flag has red, white&green vertical stripes?

The Italian flag has three stripes: one green on the left, one white in the center and one red on the right. The Mexican flag also those same vertical colored stripes but it also has a logo in the ... Read More »