What country would you love to dine in And what would you eat?

Answer Northern Ireland for a proper Ulster Fry.

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If you could have one meal with anyone in the world, who would you dine with and what would you have?

What movie would you love to change the ending to, how would it end once you got done rewriting it?

I would've had the shark in Deep Blue Sea escape just to show the world that humans playing God is dangerous

Come dine with me. What would you like me to cook for you?

sausages please : ) chips are optional..local butcher here has probably the best bangers in the world...Beef Sausages are smuggled onto internal flights in the uk as there so good ; ) lol

Dinner party recipes what would you make for your come dine with me meal! :)?

When I invite people for dinner, they know the food will be good... I don't generally provide the menu beforehand. I also don't have a list of various meal plans for when I have guests for dinner.... Read More »