What country would u like to visit if u had time and money?

Answer europe-italy, ireland, germany, portugal, france and the united kingdom

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Which foods and drinks would you recommend, if I'd visit your country?

doggone american food is so... AMERICANIZED (go figure!)______________________________________…if you were to visit my PART of the usa, i'd make sure you had...~walleye dinner, fresh fish right f... Read More »

If you won the biggest lottery in the country at $50 million, what would you do with the money ?

I don't think any of really know what we would do. We all can only speculate what we would like to do. I would hope that I would handle it well and make the right choices on how to spend some, save... Read More »

How do people actually make money from selling pot seems like that by the time it gets back to the dealer nothing would be left to profit can someone explain the numbers?

€THis is the FBI your ip is with me and your being watched dealers

I'm bored and i would like to know some websites to visit !!!!!!!!!!!!!?

wouldn't you rather go out and play something?pets?make new friends?hi im jackie:)