What country would u like to visit if u had time and money?

Answer europe-italy, ireland, germany, portugal, france and the united kingdom

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What document gives you permission to visit another country?

How to Convince Your Grandparents to Visit You in Another Country?

Some people can be reluctant to travel but when it's to visit family there are ways to convince them it will be worth the effort.

What foods and drinks do you think I should try, when I visit your country :) ?

I'm from Persia/Iran...Try...-Ghormeh Sabzi with rice (its my fave... its veggie stew with chunks of meat and beans)-Zereshk rice with chicken (I personally don't like it... but I know ppl love it.... Read More »

How can you write an invitation letter to ask someone to visit your country?

Be persuasive and in the letter tell all the great things about your country to make the person have an understanding of it. Try to describe the beauty of it tell why you like it, why you want them... Read More »