What country owns NASA?

Answer America

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Who owns NASA?

It's a US government agency ... so technically you do (if you're a US citizen). Lewis Roberts is the head scientist though. nasa has discontinued the spaceshuttles forever in December the last 1 i... Read More »

How many spaceships NASA owns?

As of this writing, NASA has only three (3) working SPACESHIPS (as opposed to total number of SPACECRAFT owned or operating), the space shuttle orbiter vehicles, OV-103 Discovery, OV-104 Atlantis a... Read More »

Who owns the Rocket Boosters NASA uses?

Technically, the American public; NASA contracts with aerospace contractors to build the rockets and boosters it uses, and that money comes from its annual budget. Occasionally, NASA will purchase... Read More »

What country owns Sony?

Sony Corporation is a publicly traded company owned by it's shareholders. It is not owned by any nation or its government. Sony Corporation headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan. Sony U.S.A is a... Read More »