What country makes the Lexus car?

Answer Japan makes most Lexus vehicles. Canada builds some, too. Lexus is Toyota's luxury car division. The brand introduced its first vehicle in 1989. Toyota Motor Corporation, including its Lexus divisi... Read More »

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What car company makes Lexus?

The Lexus brand debuted in 1989 and quickly became one of the top-selling luxury automobile brands in the United States. Lexus is produced by Toyota, the third-largest automotive manufacturer in th... Read More »

Who makes Lexus radios?

Lexus installs a variety of radio brands, including Fujitsu, JBL, Nakamichi, Panasonic and Pioneer, in its vehicles. The brand varies depending on the year and model of the Lexus vehicle. Lexus au... Read More »

Who makes lexus cars?

Lexus is made by the Toyota Motor Corporation. The brand was launched in the fall of 1989. The Lexus line is Toyota's luxury brand. The first models introduced were the ES 250 and the LS 450. Hybri... Read More »

Who makes Lexus automobiles?

Lexus automobiles are made by Toyota Motor Corporation. Toyota introduced the Lexus line in 1989 with the intent of competing in the luxury automobile market. The brand's primary competitors are Ac... Read More »