What country is Subaru made in?

Answer Subaru vehicles are made, owned and operated by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., a company located in Tokyo, Japan. The company manufactured the first Subaru, which was launched in 1958. It also manufa... Read More »

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In what country did Subaru cars start?

Subaru is the automotive division of Fuji Heavy Industries, a Japanese company created from mergers of several companies following World War II. Fuji Heavy Industries was established in Japan in 19... Read More »

Who makes Subaru cars?

Subaru is made by the automobile manufacturing division of Fuji Heavy Industries Group. The first Subaru model was the 1500 in 1954. Models that followed were the 360, Sambar, 1000, R-2, Rex, Leone... Read More »

Who makes Subaru struts?

Struts for Subaru are manufactured by Drummond Motor Sport (DMS). These struts act as good shock absorbers due to higher damping capabilities. Due to the strut's large piston ports, the vehicle get... Read More »

What country makes ktm motorcycles?

KTM motorcycles are manufactured in Austria. Hans Trunkenpolz opened a repair shop in 1934. The first series of KTM motorcycles were produced in 1953. Three motorcycles were completed each day by a... Read More »