What country makes nissan automotives?

Answer In March 1933, the Tobata Casting Co. established an automobile division. Manufacturing of the cars was done in Yokohama, Japan. In 1934, the name was changed to Nissan for 100 percent stockholder,... Read More »

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What country makes Nissan automobiles?

Nissan automobiles are made by the Nissan Motor Company, headquartered in Yokohama, Japan. Nissan Motor Company makes its automobiles at facilities in Japan and overseas. The company has product... Read More »

What country makes Nissan cars?

Car manufacturer Nissan is based in Japan, and it has production plants all over the world, including in Japan, the United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico, Thailand and Indonesia. In the United States, Niss... Read More »

What auto manufacturer makes Nissan?

All Nissan models are manufactured by the Nissan Motor Company. The company was founded in 1933 under the name Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and its name was changed to Nissan Motor Company a ... Read More »

What country makes Subarus?

While the automobile company Subaru is based in Japan, not all vehicles are manufactured there. The first digit in the VIN identifies which country built your Subaru. For example, a "1" or "4" indi... Read More »