What country makes Jaguar automobiles?

Answer As of 2010, Jaguar automobiles are manufactured in England. They were first created by SS Cars Ltd. in 1935 in the United Kingdom and, although Jaguar cars became a part of the Ford Premier Automot... Read More »

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Who makes Jaguar automobiles?

Jaguar automobiles were manufactured by Ford Motor Company from 1990 to 2008. In 2008 Ford sold the Jaguar brand to the Indian automaker Tata Motors, which is the manufacturer of the Tata Nano, the... Read More »

What country makes Nissan automobiles?

Nissan automobiles are made by the Nissan Motor Company, headquartered in Yokohama, Japan. Nissan Motor Company makes its automobiles at facilities in Japan and overseas. The company has product... Read More »

Where are Jaguar automobiles manufactured?

According to the Jaguar website, there are five locations around the Midlands and northwest part of England where Jaguar automobiles are manufactured. There are two sites in Coventry, the Castle Br... Read More »

History of Jaguar Automobiles?

Jaguar automobiles have a long history of sports performance and elegant design. Originally created in the UK, these vehicles have long been associated with upper-class British luxury. While the br... Read More »