What is your absolute favorite band that is not from your country?

Answer In Flames, Sweden.

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What does Sigur Ros mean?

Sigur Ros is an Icelandic phrase that translates to “victory rose.” The Icelandic band Sigur Ros was named after Sigurros, who is the little sister of lead singer Jonsi Birgisson. Sigguros is a... Read More »

How to Create a Country Band?

Forming a country band is easy enough if you're keen on country music and have some friends with similar interests.

Help me find a band from the 80's band I think?

The band could be Lacrimosa. Yeah, Lacrimosa were a Darkwave band in the early 90's, not anymore though. If not, then maybe: Could the band be Lycia. Lycia is a Darkwave/Goth Rock band. Could the s... Read More »

Who is the lead guitar player for the country family reunion band?