What country is the Amazon rain forest in?

Answer The Amazon rain forest is an enormous area of land that covers over one billion acres in South America and is located in five different countries. Those countries are Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Columbi... Read More »

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What is the biggest threat to the Amazon rain forest?

Oddly enough, the biggest threat to the Amazon rain forest is cattle ranching. This practice is the reason for 80 percent of the deforestation in the Amazon. Since 2006, more than 38,600 miles have... Read More »

What is the main language in the amazon rain forest?

In addition to being the most biologically diverse ecosystem on our planet, home to about 30 percent of the world's plants, animals and insects, the Amazon is also one of the most culturally and li... Read More »

What eats the bougainvillea plant in the Amazon rain forest?

According to Marco News, the main predator of the bougainvillea plant is the bougainvillea caterpillar. Brown moths will lay these eggs inside the flowers of the plant. When the eggs hatch, the cat... Read More »

Where is the Amazon rain forest situated?

The Amazon rain forest lies in eight countries in South America, including Peru, Colombia and Venezuela. However, Brazil houses the largest portion of the rain forest. The Amazon rain forest covers... Read More »