What country is cricket from?

Answer The game of cricket originated in England. Although it is possible cricket has been around since the 14th century, the first documented game was not played until 1646. Cricket has continued to evol... Read More »

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What country invented cricket?

The general consensus among historians is that cricket originated in England among shepherds. Some have suggested Belgium or other northern European countries, but the game appears to have been pla... Read More »

What type of board are cricket bats made from?

Most cricket-bat boards come from the wood of mature, white English willow trees (Salix alba caerulea) grown in England's wetland areas of Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk. Clefts, or bat-shaped pieces o... Read More »

Does scrap gold value change from country to country?

The value of scrap gold changes slightly from country to country. Scrap gold price is based on the spot price of gold. It is constantly quoted by financial markets around the world during their bus... Read More »

Why do birth rates vary from country to country?

That birth rates vary from country to country, is a relatively new phenomenon. The reason why there are different birth rates is that the countries are in a different state of the so called 'demogr... Read More »