Is there any indian taxi driver in zurich that can show zurich in 2 hours?

Answer I'm pretty sure there is an Indian taxi driver that could. As an alternative: The city offers a range guided walks that last about two hours, too.… There'... Read More »

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Del-sfo and would like to stopover in zurich can i get the on arrival visa for zurich iam holding an indian pp?

In general Schengen visa are not issued on arrival [except for proven emergencies]. Holders of a valid visa for the United States do not need a Swiss transit visa, provided they have their luggage ... Read More »

Will it be too cold to visit Zurich for 2 days in dec Somethings to do in Zurich ?

And how long is a piece of string...?Temperatures can't be predicted. For a record/comparison of temperatures in Switzerland, see here: what to do in Zurich: http://nyti.m... Read More »

What is it called when you attack a country outside your country to defend your country?

What can I do/see in Zurich?

You can walk around the "Old Town" with the famous Münster (a nice church building) and then go the lake (its very close). If the weather is nice, youll have an amazing view to the mountains. You ... Read More »