What ate are one direction tickets for Perth?

Answer A dingo ate it.

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What is the distance between Perth& Sydney?

Via road, the distance between Perth and Sydney, Australia is roughly 1,800 miles. The nearly two-day drive across southern Australia goes from the east coast of the country to the west coast.Sourc... Read More »

What is the avarage wage in perth, Austraila?

Before you start worrying about wages in Perth, or the rest of WA, or even Australia for that matter, start looking at whether you can immigrate into Australia at all. You can't just move here beca... Read More »

What season are you up to in prison break in Perth WA?

depends...I DIDNT KNOW OLD PEOPLE GOT ON THIS WEB SIT WOW that's a stupied answer and how old are you ten.

What is it called when you attack a country outside your country to defend your country?