What country includes an image of an AK-47 on its flag?

Answer The country of Mozambique has an Kalashnikov AK-47 on the national flag. According to the CIA World Factbook, the rifle symbolizes "defense and vigilance." The country's parliament voted to keep th... Read More »

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What tv show did the line my therapist told me that I can attribute the addiction to my 7th grade catholic school sex ed class come from?

Darth Sidious and Darth Vader of course, not because they are "cooler" for both sides are amazing, however the Sith power would top that of any mere mortal.

Im looking for a good country song about family Im making a music video type thing for my mothers birthday and she likes country Any idea's for songs?

Your gonna miss this by trace adkins Voices by Chris Young

What is the significance of this line from "No Country For Old Men"?

"Brolin: Then I'll tell her myself" ie if he doesnt come back its because he will be dead

Country Fans: What's your favorite country song by your favorite country artist?

.....Female.....Once A Day.....Connie Smith.........Male.....Murder On Music Row.....George Strait..........All Time.....He Stopped Loving Her Today......George Jones.....