What country is most important to America?

Answer That's what she said

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Avril Lavigne hates America?

Avril Lavigne didn't mean to say that shes not American because she hates America. She was born and raised in Canada until she got older and moved to America to pursue her dream in music. Avril Lav... Read More »

What movie do you think hates their audience the most?

yep, that was the idea, at least. lol but the audiences loved it anyway hahaha and after he re-made it in English, the studios made him offers. You can imagine what they offered him to direct, his ... Read More »

What are you going to do when your mom tell you that she hates you and she hates the day you were born?

Just walk away theres nothing you can truly do but know that your here for a reason but dont do anything youll regret nor kill yourself and if you hurt them later on itll hurt u trust me.

In what country is the lowest point in South America?

Laguna del Carbon is a salt lake located in the Santa Cruz province of Argentina. It is 340 feet below sea level, making it the lowest point in South America and one of the lowest points in the wor... Read More »