What is the youngest age you can get a tattoo without parental consent anywhere in the U.S?

Answer 18 is the youngest age you can get it without parental supervision.

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Can your ex take your children on a cruise out of the country without your consent?

Answer No. They should have a signed and notarized statement from you giving permission for them to leave. Call a Customs office for details. Answer Depends. Though not an expert, I'm rather cer... Read More »

Can a mother with custody of a child leave the country without the father's consent?

Generally, no. Not unless he has no visitation rights, his parental rights have been terminated or never established. The parent trying to travel without the proper consent forms or proof of sole p... Read More »

Are engineers or clergy or dentists allowed to notarize letters of consent for children traveling without their parents to another country?

AnswerNot generally. A notary is supposed to be an independent party who verifies the identity of the person signing a document. The notary is to affix his/her seal as verification that the right p... Read More »

Can a parent with joint custody move out of the country without the consent of the other parent?

%DETAILS% Answer ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!! With joint custody, both parents have rights and your son needs to find an attorney to make sure she doesnt move the child out of country.