What Country's People Eat Insects?

Answer Eating bugs is uncommon in American culture. However, insects form a more nutritious and complete source of protein than animal sources, including fish. One hundred grams of grasshoppers has 26 g... Read More »

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Why do people say Russia is a Bad Country?

People seem to stereotype them because of their poverty the youth and street children.. Also, Russia is a declining market? and they have been doing horrible politically, economically, and socially... Read More »

Why do people move from one country to another?

Emigration is the act of leaving one country to settle in another. People emigrate for a variety of reasons, including economic and political.WarWar has caused many residents to leave one country i... Read More »

"Name a country where people drink a lot of beer?

Checkolsolvakia is the country with the highest beer consumption... downing more than 160 litres each every year!

Czech republicans are people from which country?