What city has the highest population density?

Answer According to Demographia, a study on world urban areas and population projections, the densest city in the world is Dhaka, Bangladesh. According to the study, which was released in March 2010, Dhak... Read More »

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What city in the United States has the highest population density?

According to data provided by the 2000 census, New York has the highest population density of any city in the United States. Its total population density in 2000 was 26,401 people per square mile.R... Read More »

Which country has the highest population growth?

The United Arab Emirates in the Middle East had a population growth rate of 3.689 percent in 2009, making it the highest according to the CIA's figures. This includes births and deaths as well as m... Read More »

What metal has the highest density?

Osmium, a silver-colored metal in the platinum family, possesses the highest density of any metallic element. With a density of 22.610, it barely edges out Iridium (density of 22.560) for that tit... Read More »

What periodic element has the highest density?

Osmium is the periodic element with the highest density. It is twice as dense as lead. Osmium as a metal is hard, brittle, and has a bluish-white luster. It can form very hard alloys with platinum,... Read More »