What is the fastest growing hedge?

Answer The fastest growing hedge is the Siberian elm tree, which can grow up to 5 feet a year. At maturity, this tree grows 50 to 75 feet tall. When it takes hold, it is hardy, rapid growing and resistant... Read More »

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What is the fastest growing flower?

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. It has been recorded at growing 47.6 inches in a 24-hour period. Though typically not thought of as a plant, bamboo does flower, only rarely.Source:A... Read More »

What is the fastest growing household plant?

What was the fastest growing franchise in 2003?

The fastest growing franchise in 2003 was Curves, a women's fitness center, according to Entrepreneur. Curves opened in 1992 and started franchising by 1995. Curves uses the 30-minute circuit train... Read More »

What is the fastest growing shade tree?

According to, the world's fasted growing shade tree is the Royal Empress tree, which grows an average of 15 feet per year. Normal trees average four to six feet. The Royal Empr... Read More »