What country has the Spiciest FOOD in the world ?

Answer I think it would be in the South of India and Sri Lanka as they are the same culturally and there would be may similarities between them.

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What nation/country eat the hottest/spiciest food.?

I think India, I went to a presentation of Indian food when I was little and I tried some of the food and nearly cried because my tongue was so hot. Mexican food is delicious (quesadillas, yum) but... Read More »

What is the hottest, spiciest food you ever tried?

hot wings with "daves insanity sauce" on them

Which COUNTRY it's people make the BEST food in the WORLD?

Name the food which represents ur country/state and also mention ur country's name.?

Hello, I'm from Singapore - a city known for it's many cuisines & abundance of great food. Chicken rice is ever so populay here. It's a dish where the rice is boiled with the chicken stock & the ... Read More »