What country does the surname Fowler come from?

Answer Fowlers can trace their roots as far back as 12th century Britain and five centuries later the first of the Fowlers left for the new world. According to the 1990 U.S. census the surname "Fowler" ra... Read More »

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What country is the surname Lamun from?

According to information compiled by Ancestry, taken from the New York passenger lists, the surname Lamun comes from Ireland. You can obtain surname origination information from the U.S. Immigratio... Read More »

What country is the surname Matherly from?

A Hebrew name that dates back to the New Testament, the surname Matherly first appeared in recorded history in 12th century England.OriginsA baptismal name that means "son of Matthew," the surname ... Read More »

What country does the surname D'cunha come from?

According to the website, the surname D'Cunha is from Portugal and was a derivation of the word "Cunha," which was the name of several places in Portugal at the time. The "D'" before ... Read More »

What country is the surname"Janssens"from?

The surname Janssens is a variant of "Janssen" or "Jansen," patronymic names indicating descent from Jen, Jon and Jan, which are all forms of the Hebrew name John. Although the name is also found i... Read More »