What country does saffron come from?

Answer Saffron is the dried stigma of a particular species of crocus flower. (A flower's stigma is the part in the center of the bloom that receives pollen.) The saffron crocus grows in several countries,... Read More »

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What country does ink come from?

According to "The Christian Science Monitor," "Chinese philosopher, Tien-Lcheu, who lived around 2,700 B.C., developed a form of ink that was in common use by 1,200 B.C." Today, there are ink facto... Read More »

What country does dill come from?

•This herb originated from Eastern Europe and Southwest Asia. But can evenly be traced back to the Roman Empire.

What country does htc phones come from?

What country does ametrine come from?

Ametrine comes from the country of Bolivia in South America. Most of it comes from the Anahi Mine, which dates back to the 17th century. Ametrine is a gemstone with characteristics similar to citri... Read More »