What country do Chinese gooseberries come from?

Answer Chinese gooseberries are from china but is now called kiwifruit or shorted to just kiwi, name after the animal kiwi (a brown flightless bird and New Zealand's National Symbol) and Kiwi is also the... Read More »

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Where are Chinese gooseberries from?

Chinese Gooseberries are from New Zealand are are more commonly known as Kiwifruit.Note: Some people may know of them as "kiwis", this is the name for one of New Zealands native birds, and the nick... Read More »

What is another name for Chinese gooseberries?

Kiwifruit or Kiwi is another name for Chinese gooseberries [Actinidia deliciosa]. Other common names include Wood berry, Wonder or Unusual fruit, Vine or Macaque pear, Sunny or Macaque peach, and H... Read More »

Why are gooseberries called gooseberries?

The exact reason is not known but many expect that it is a corruption of the old german, french or dutch names for the plant. However, it is also likely that it was just named "gooseberry" and not ... Read More »

In what country are Chinese blueberries produced?

The Chinese blueberry consists of 91 species that grow in the mountainous terrain of northeast and southwest China. More specifically, Liao Ning, Jilin, Hei-Long-Jiang Province, Inner Mongolia, Jia... Read More »