What country did white bread come from?

Answer The Mediterranean civilizations of Greece and Rome produced and ate white bread as early as 70 A.D. White bread was considered of higher grade than darker breads such as wheat, because those were e... Read More »

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What country does white bread come from?

White bread is made from wheat flour whose bran and germ have been removed. No one is certain who made the first white flour, but ancient Greece and Rome are likely contenders. Writers from as earl... Read More »

What country does pita bread come from?

Pita bread is frequently eaten in many different countries and cultures. Historically, it originated in Middle Eastern countries, possibly in Egypt, Israel and Syria. It was introduced to other cou... Read More »

What country did pita bread originate from?

The exact country pita bread came from is unknown, but it probably originated in either the Middle Eastern countries or Greece. These places have been using pita bread in their cooking for centurie... Read More »

What country did eggnog come from?

The drink eggnog, most commonly consumed during the Christmas and winter holiday season, originated in England. The term "nog" was an old English word used to describe a type of strong beer.Source:... Read More »