What country did the apple originate from?

Answer Apples originated in the country of Kazakhstan in central Asia, and this country continues to produce apples in 2010. As of 2008, Aimak Dzangaliev and Tatiana Salova, two Kazakh botanists, had cata... Read More »

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In which country did the fax originate in?

The inventor of the fax machine is Alexander Bain, who was Scottish by birth. Bain was a clockmaker and inventor, and patented the first telegraph facsimile machine on May 27, 1843, while living in... Read More »

Where did the apple fruit originate?

According to the Institute of Food Research, apples originated in the Middle East and Central Asia more than 4,000 years ago. Wild apples, Malus sieversii, can still be found growing in the mountai... Read More »

Where did apple butter originate?

Apple butter is traced to German immigrants in Pennsylvania, although apple sauces were used in recipes as far back as medieval times. The first mention of apple butter in print occurred in 1774, a... Read More »

Which country did "pasta" originate from?

*Some have attributed the innovation of dried pasta, in the form of long thin noodles we use today (spaghetti) to the Arabs who populated Southern Italy (i.e. Sicily) around the 12th Century. Prior... Read More »