What country did the Volkswagen originate from?

Answer Volkswagen is an automobile manufacturer that is widely known for its small, mass-produced car called the VW Beetle. According to Volkswagen's company history, the company originated in Germany an... Read More »

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In which country did the fax originate in?

The inventor of the fax machine is Alexander Bain, who was Scottish by birth. Bain was a clockmaker and inventor, and patented the first telegraph facsimile machine on May 27, 1843, while living in... Read More »

What country did the glockenspiel originate in?

The glockenspiel originated in Germany. Its name means "bell play" in German, and it was first used in an orchestra composition by Georg Friedrich Handel in the piece "Saul" in 1738.Source:Syncrat:... Read More »

In what country did polo originate?

The sport of polo originated in Persia. In ancient times, polo was a favored pastime of kings and emperors. Horse-mounted umpires do the officiating, and a referee is positioned midfield for the fi... Read More »

What country did the gingerbread man originate from?

Even though the Grimm brothers wrote about a gingerbread house in their popular story, "Hansel and Gretel" in 1812, the gingerbread man dates back to Elizabethan England. The gingerbread man first ... Read More »