What country did fruit cake originate in?

Answer While there are references to nut- and fruit-laden delicacies dating back to Roman times, the modern fruit cake can be traced to 13th century England. The recipe was influenced by the importation o... Read More »

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The Royal wedding cake is a FRUIT cake Seriously?

Yep, it's traditional, darling. I think it may represent the hoped-for solidity of the marriage.Not to worry, though, darling. I heard they had two cakes - the fruit cake and a more edible chocolat... Read More »

Where did the king cake originate?

The king cake is believed to have originated in France. The tradition was brought to New Orleans by French and Spanish settlers and is now part of the Mardi Gras celebration.Source:AOL Living: The ... Read More »

Where did funnel cake originate?

Popular at carnivals and fairs, funnel cakes are a Pennsylvania-Dutch specialty that were originally made in Germany. This deep fried pastry dessert resembles Italian Frittelle, and were said to be... Read More »

How did the birthday cake originate?

The birthday cake as we know it today has been a part of birthday celebrations in America since the early 19th century. It was likely brought to America by German immigrants. Round cakes have been ... Read More »