What country did Jacques Cartier sail for?

Answer The explorer Jacques Cartier sailed for the king of France in the early 16th century, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. While searching for a passage to Asia, Cartier became the first Europ... Read More »

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When did Jacques Cartier die?

Jacques Cartier, whose explorations of the St. Lawrence River opened up the Canadian interior to colonization, died on Sept. 1, 1557. The navigator and explorer died at Saint-Malo in France, where ... Read More »

Where is Jacques Cartier from?

Jacques Cartier was a 16th-century French navigator and explorer who discovered the St. Lawrence River in 1535. He was born in 1491 in the city of Saint-Malo in the Brittany region of France. He di... Read More »

Where did jacques cartier go to school?

Jacques Cartier went to school in Dieppe, France. Considering he was a notable explorer, he discovered the St. Lawrence River, learning about navigation was essential for his education. Dieppe was ... Read More »

What route did Jacques Cartier take?

Jacques Cartier was a French explorer in the 1500s who sought the "Northwest Passage," a sea route to Asia from Europe and explored what is today eastern Canada. Cartier commanded three exploration... Read More »