What country contains the most dinosaur fossils?

Answer The United States contains the most dinosaur fossils, including the Tyrannosaurus, Utahraptor and the Triceratops. Specifically, most dinosaur fossils have been found in Montana, Texas, Wyoming, Ne... Read More »

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Which state has found the most dinosaur fossils?

More dinosaur fossils have been found in Wyoming and Montana than any other states. Each of those states has fossils from more than 50 types of dinosaurs known to have roamed North America. The two... Read More »

Which rock contains fossils?

Sedimentary rocks are the most common fossil-bearing material and comprise approximately three-quarters of the rocks on the Earth’s surface. As the sediments slowly compress, buried organic matte... Read More »

How old are dinosaur fossils?

The oldest dinosaur fossil is between 235 and 240 million years old, according to BBC News Online. It was found in Brazil and belonged to a creature with a pointed head, 12 inches long, with a body... Read More »

How to Get Information on Dinosaur Fossils?

Getting information on dinosaur fossils can help you find what you need for a school project or just satisfy a general curiosity about these ancient animals. There are many resources available to l... Read More »