What country buys the most pearls?

Answer According to figures available from Comtrade, the United States was by far the world's largest importer of pearls in 2001, buying more than $321 million of the gem that year. However, a May 2009 ar... Read More »

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Are fresh water pearls less money than cultured pearls?

Cultured pearls are generally less expensive than most naturally occurring pearls, even though cultured pearls are often more uniformly shaped and more lustrous. Pearls can be cultured in both fres... Read More »

What is it called when you attack a country outside your country to defend your country?

Who buys your toothbrush for you?

The taxman. As a self employed food sampler for visiting foreign dignitaries my teeth need to be cleaned regularly. I put them down as an expense.

Who buys pallets?

Sometimes called "skids" or "flats," pallets are basically mobile sub-floors used for easily transporting goods with a forklift. Pallets come in all shapes, sizes and materials and are used anywher... Read More »