What is a normal blood sugar level for 30 minuates after eating a meal ?

Answer I tested my wife and her dad once 30 mins after a large meal. They came out at about 10 mmol/l. As they're not diabetic you might consider that "normal" but the amount it goes up by and for how lon... Read More »

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Is it normal to be tired after eating a fatty meal?

Perfectly normal Fat takes much more time and energy for the body to digest than carbs, and a high fat meal of saturated fat (the kind that takes the longest to digest!! Bacon is loaded with it.)... Read More »

Does blood sugar level go down after eating a big meal?

no there is a small surge after eating carbohydrate as it is digested to produce glucose, fructose, lactose - insulin is released as a homeostatic mechanism. Occasionally insulin can produce a rela... Read More »

My blood sugar is low after eating dinner?

That doesn't sound right. I would start testing my blood sugar before dinner and then right after dinner as well to make sure the glucometer is actually working properly. If not, replace it. If yes... Read More »

Is dizziness after eating a sign of pregnancy?

Im wondering this too, but I think Im just going to take a test and find out for myself, because Ive been experiencing this. Hopefully some one who is preggers will tell us, lol.