Country Club Hotels in the Bahamas?

Answer Offering a year-round tropical vacation paradise for visitors, the Bahamas are a group of islands that lie southeast of Miami in the Atlantic Ocean. Luxury resorts, all-inclusive hotels, and countr... Read More »

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Which part of the country has the best barbecue?

1. memphis,tn.2. texas3. kansas city, kansas or missouri4. north carolina5. georgia

What part of the country would be best to place a wind farm?

On One Hand: In Offshore WatersWind turbines can be situated offshore using long tethers. Offshore, these wind farms will not interfere with humans or wildlife and are able to harness the power of ... Read More »

Which Part of the Country Is Good for Autumn Blaze Maple Trees?

This fast-growing hybrid maple produces a blaze of brilliant orange-red color in the fall, hence its name. The Autumn Blaze maple (Acer rubrum "Jeffersred") grows well in many parts of the country,... Read More »

What is a part of a country's armed forces organized and trained for fighting at sea?

The Navy is the first line of defense, however the Coast Guard and the Marines have naval fighting vessels. The Army has almost no ships that are capable of fighting in the ocean (if it has any arm... Read More »