Is it illegal to fight for other countries at war this is about private citizens of one country getting involved for no fee to assist the fighting efforts of other countries at a state of civil war?

Answer martial law

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What countries was the cia involved in the 1950s?

Which countries in the world broadcast CSI Miami and which TV-stations in those countries?

it comes out in America on 23rd September on CBS but dunno in the UK

What countries were involved in the bays of pigs?

The Bay of Pigs, (April 17-19, 1961), was an American operation intending to overthrow Castro and it planned to have the previous Prime Minister, Jose Miro Cardona, reinstalled. The CIA recruited ... Read More »

What countries are involved in fair trade?

Fair trade ensures workers earn a reasonable wage for the products they produce. The United States and the nine European countries that make up the European Fair Trade Association (EFTA) participat... Read More »