What countries borders Iraq?

Answer As of the 2010 political boundaries, Iraq is bordered by six nations: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Turkey and Iran. The country's final geographical border comes from the northern shores of... Read More »

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How many different countries have troops in Iraq?

The United States was the only country with troops stationed in Iraq, as of July, 2009. In January, 2010, to reflect the departure of other coalition forces, Multi-National Force-Iraq was renamed U... Read More »

How many miles is Taji, Iraq, from Baghdad, Iraq?

Taji is 11 miles northwest of Baghdad, according to MapQuest. Several military establishments are in the area, including the Al Taji military airfield and Al Taji Camp, both located outside the tow... Read More »

Is it illegal to fight for other countries at war this is about private citizens of one country getting involved for no fee to assist the fighting efforts of other countries at a state of civil war?

Which countries in the world broadcast CSI Miami and which TV-stations in those countries?

it comes out in America on 23rd September on CBS but dunno in the UK