What countries aren't safe for Americans?

Answer Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan,Pakistan, Yemmen, Somalia, Sudan, Egypt, the Palestinian territories, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, North Korea, Columbia, Nigeria, Lebanon, Chad, Libya, Mali, Haiti, central Africa... Read More »

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Are Americans adopting from countries experiencing their own Baby Scoop Era?

Absolutely, and I think it is disgusting.And I find it horribly sad that thousands of international adoptees will have an even harder time than US domestic adoptees in finding their families.I hate... Read More »

If a head of penis was in you for a short time no ejaculation but took plan b anyway because there was no condom and you got 2 heavy periods no pregnant symptoms is it safe to say you ARENT pregnant?

Is it safe for americans to travel to bali?

On One Hand: Crime RisksThe American government has published a string of warnings for its citizens planning a trip to Indonesia. The U.S. State Department's website urges visitors to be aware that... Read More »

How to Stay Safe During International Sports Games in Unsafe Cities or Countries?

It's not always possible to tell whether or not a country or region is about to fall under civil strife, terror attacks, or some form of criminal attention-seeking behavior aimed at marring an inte... Read More »