During the 1950's the central intelligence agency engineered pro-american political coups in what countries?

Answer Iran and Guatemala

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How many countries did America help get free?

It is not our country's job to take on the world, if they are at war with us yes we should fight back. It is not our citizens job to risk their life day after day because the president desides we s... Read More »

Best air-force in central America?

Why is America one of the most backwards countries in the world about breastfeeding?

I honestly don't know. I breastfeed all four of my children, I am still nursing my youngest one. I don't hesitate to feed them in public, I do make sure I am covered. But why should I have to stay... Read More »

Should America's armed forces be in foreign countries?

America is too diplomatic for its own good. It wants to be a goody-two-shoes and help everyone out. If one of our allies that we recieve income and/or resources, we should help them out. If not, we... Read More »