What could the US do to help with child obesity?

Answer Make it a felony to visit local McDonald's restaurants

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How to Confront a Child About Their Obesity?

Sometimes we lose control of our eating habits and go haywire. Usually it results in being slightly overweight, but sometimes it's just too much and you become obese. It is horrible when it's your ... Read More »

What are the advantages and disadvantages of child obesity?

The only advantage would be a lower probability of your child being abducted or raped (along with a lower chance of being healthy, being loved, being confident, being happy etc.)

Pug Dog Obesity?

So your pug may be a bit portly. For many owners, it just adds to the dog's overall charm---especially when you consider those saucer-like eyes and adorable expressions they're so adept at using to... Read More »

Insurance & Obesity?

Many insurance companies do not cover costs associated with treatments for obesity. However, some cover conditions that may have been caused by obesity, such as heart disease, lower extremity surge... Read More »