What could possibly be injured?

Answer You probably hyperextented a muscle. i did once to my wrist it hurt alot even when i moved my fingers you need to leave it up in the air so the blood wont go to it, The more blood the worse it gets... Read More »

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What could I possibly get?

1,000 - 2,500 - it depends on whether you want to buy used or new.

What could I possibly have?

Depends, my mom felt like that not that long ago & turns out, there was something wrong with herheart. Go to the doctor, could be nothing, could be serious.

What could possibly be wrong with my TV?

Why do you want to turn your TV off in the first place? The TV is our friend. It was my babysitter from age 6 to 14 when I came home from school. It never asks anything from me but gives so much... Read More »

What could this problem possibly be?

Ya, you're all messed up. Stay home today.