My TV is making this loud ridiculous buzzing sound, it sounds like it going to blow up...?

Answer It might be the power supply, if the TV is very old just replace it.

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Is it normal to have clicking coming from a pregnant stomach and is it any cause for concern if it sounds like a hip click?

answerCheck with your doctor. But it might be that the clicking is coming from your pelvis as it loosens to give birth...

How to stop buzzing noise coming from speakers?

As others have mentioned it typically sounds like a ground loop but since you can get rid of it turning the amplifier on or off, that would negate that issue, it would always be there. You also sta... Read More »

Anyone tell me what the weird sounds coming from my radio are?

It's a sound produced when the cell phone operator is tracing your (or anybody else's) phone to check whether you are in the reach or not. The loudest it gets when the phone is actually ringing on ... Read More »

My TV makes a high pitched buzzing sound all of the time. What could this be and how do I fix it?

My TV does this intermittantly as well. In fact, it was doing it this afternoon, when I first turned it on. All I do is go into menu, and choose Channel Search. Sometime during the process, for wha... Read More »