What could have caused this?

Answer Hi Imogen DeWilde,Any software or hardware changes can cause BSOD in general. In your case it could be the display driver causing this the trigger I'm not sure (maybe high usage of video card).I wo... Read More »

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What could have caused this bite?

What could have caused this sudden bad diarrhoea?

Hello,this sounds like food poisoning to me,if you are concerned you could always get yourself checked out at your Doctors.,NHS Direct has been set up to answer questions such as this.It is manned ... Read More »

I have this memory lapses what can I do Could they be caused by allergies, diabeties, stress, age 50?

All the above are possibilities for forgetfulness , especially when we enter middle age.Some people, with ADHD, also tend to be forgetful, as well as those taking tranquilizers, alcohol, or insomni... Read More »

What could this be caused by?

Let's pray it's not cancer!Try relaxing as much as possible until the appt, it may just not be cancerous lumps. Idk you but I am praying because breast cancer effects many woman. My grandmother's s... Read More »