What could fatigue be a symptom of?

Answer 1. This is a very good question.2. First and foremost, don't guess, urge him to be seen by a physician for a full work-up.3. It could be a variety of things causing his tiredness. Many diseases... Read More »

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Dropping items could be a symptom of what disease?

This is the first sign that the hands are not steady , and parkinson is catching up with you.

What could constant silent burping like a hiccup be a symptom of?

It could just be that you have got alot of wind but i would definitely contact your doctor

Could this be a symptom of lyme disease?

While most patients will get the bull's-eye rash if they're infected with Lyme disease, some will not. Furthermore, many patients will miss the rash because it's often in places you don't regularl... Read More »

Could this be a first period symptom?

No, I don't think that has to do with your period sweet heartGood Luck... womanhood sucks