What could cause numbness in my hands?

Answer First of all- While carpal tunnel is a cause of hand numbness it is NOT the most common cause of hand numbness. First, you mentioned that it is in your hands (i.e plural). It is very unusual for C... Read More »

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What could cause dry, rough, broken skin on the hands of a 15 year old?

Sounds kind of like eczema but it can be fungal. Try something like aveeno lotion and if that doesn't do anything see a doctor

Could preparing food with unwashed hands cause a stomach ache/pains?

Certainly it could . you could have contracted salmonella or any other type of food poisoning. if it does not stop or if the pains intensify then go directly to your doctor as salmonella can be fat... Read More »

I feel a fairly light, on and off tingling and numbness in my pinkies, arms and or legs, what is the cause?

Are you cold? That happens to me since I'm always in a cold environment. I'm always shivering, so I always feel that sensation.

Can Toprol cause feet or toe numbness?

Toprol is a beta-blocker, and it is a prescribed medication used for the treatment of high-blood pressure and other conditions that are related to the heart and to blood vessels. One of the side-ef... Read More »