What could cause my blood sugar to be 74 in the morning and 77 at noon and jump to 374 the next day?

Answer Every day is different.Even if you eat the very same things at the very same time, there are so many other factors.Perhaps a dawn phenomenon ? Were you too low in the middle of the night ?This happ... Read More »

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What is a normal morning non-diabetic blood sugar reading.?

Morning: 80 to 110. Post meal: Probably no more than 120 to 130. Bedtime: 90 to 120BTW, these numbers are the same for a diabetic who is controlling their blood sugar well. The higher they get, the... Read More »

Does sugar cause blood clots/plaque in the blood(more to it below)?

No.Clots are coagulated (thick clumps) of blood. The blood thickens due to chronic dehydration. Think about how a sauce or gravy thickens. It's because the water is removed (evaporates) from the mi... Read More »

How can i make low blood sugar higher in the morning?

Well you must know that bread products all turn to sugar,so you may want to try eating a couple slice's of toast before bed.I would try to stay away from the sugar products like candy.Hope this hel... Read More »

Blood sugar level 100 in evening and 160 in morning?

Don't draw any conclusions yet! You could actually be hypoglycemic and rebound in the night from an excess amount of insulin. And actually not eating anything can raise your blood glucose. Eat foo... Read More »