What could cause dry, rough, broken skin on the hands of a 15 year old?

Answer Sounds kind of like eczema but it can be fungal. Try something like aveeno lotion and if that doesn't do anything see a doctor

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My hands are realy rough and my girlfriend doesnt want me to touch her?

get a pumice stone and scrub them after you shower.instead of hand or body cream, get FOOT cream and use that as hand lotion 3 times a's way thicker and works better.

Vitamin E for rough, dry skin?

I used the vitamin E capsules when Nursing my children. It kept my breasts free from any dryness or damage. (I did exactly what you are suggesting. snipped open the capsule and rubbed on the oil) ... Read More »

Why would a dog have rough skin inside the ears?

While playfully tousling a dog's floppy ears, an owner may feel rough areas on the interior skin. This may be caused by a number of different issues, including allergies, pests and health disorders... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Rough,cracked, Dry Skin On The Feet?

This easy DIY home remedy works FAST. Does this Spark an idea?