What could cause a rash on a baby's scrotum?

Answer your son has watery poop because he is getting really fat and he needs to go on a ten day diet, and that meens that he can not eat or drink anything, and that is including water.

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What could be the cause of your son's skin rash?

Answer After 8 years of this and that most of the rashes my kids have had were from simple things overlooked everyday. The biggest cause in my household was from laundry detergent, Trying a new bra... Read More »

What kind of bite could cause a rash and facial swelling?

On One Hand: Spider Bites Can Cause These SymptomsSpider bites in general cause redness and swelling when venom is injected. There are many types of spiders, and some, such as the black widow and b... Read More »

What could cause a rash or pimples under the skin on the forehead?

AnswerA rash/pimples under the skin on the forehead can be caused from perspiration (clogged pores.) It's important to cleanse your face a couple of times a day with an oil-free cleanser. There are... Read More »

What could cause an itch on the inner left thigh but no visible rash?

It could be irritated skin among other things. The products you currently use to wash you face, cream, shampoo (washes on your face), they could have chemicals in them that are irritating. It could... Read More »