What could cause Internet Explorer to not properly log into certain web accounts?

Answer Clear your cache and your cookies...that sometimes helps. Sometimes you might have to do a full reinstall really is beset by problems and I would if I were you talk to the techos at wor... Read More »

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If i am on bt broadband and have internet explorer on my comp can i delete the explorer because i get so many?

I think you you are trying to say that you are using the 'browser' that BT Internet include with their package. Microsoft Internet Explorer is something that isn't easy to get rid of, but you can g... Read More »

Does my netbook have to have internet explorer and windows explorer?

You should keep your windows explorer - it has nothing to do with your surfing on the net but you need it for your windows operating system.

How to fix my computer if Explorer pages do not display properly?

A great powerful and Free AV is at .Go to the bottom left of the opening page and click onHousecall Launcher. Save it to your Desktop for easy access.You won't have to go to th... Read More »

How to Download Internet Explorer 7 & Get Rid of Internet Explorer 8?

Internet Explorer (IE) is arguably one of the most popular and widely installed Web browsers in existence. Users who upgrade to the most recent version may not be comfortable with the features or u... Read More »