What could be wrong with my foot?

Answer Maybe tendonitis? In my tap class I got it on my knee, the sudden sharp movements could cause this, or a pulled muscle or sprain, or it could just be irritated.

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Foot pain in arches, ball of foot, and toes. What wrong with my feet?

Maybe your feet are telling you that it's time to take a rest.Why don't you give that a try, and see if the pain recedes?

What's wrong with my foot HELP?

You need a Sports Pain Relief cream= and there are lots of them.The one with the best combination of ingredients is BenGay Ultra.Walmart has their own 'equate' brand next to the BGU for half price.... Read More »

What's wrong with my foot ?

It sounds like the former to me and physical therapy will help a great deal. You may have shortened tendons which makes the movement difficult, but there will be exercises to help with this.Try mo... Read More »

Something wrong with my foot?

It sounds like you have Plantar Fasciitis.Why don't you try looking it up at :www.mayoclinic.comThe symptoms page of the article describes your problem better than in the definition page which ment... Read More »